OUR STORY: Our story is in fact a sentimental story lasting for several generations… Ahmet ve Arzu ARAL, Bozcaada Aral Tatil Çiftliği

This is the story of the deep passionate love we feel for Bozcaada's abundant ground, unique grapes, hard winery work, generous nature…

This story begins in Bozcaada, when our Grandfather, working on livestock, vineyards, learnt the winery vocation in the 1930's. When he cam to the island in 1940, our family brought the first wine brand and wine bottling process, and in 1950 our Grandfather Ahmet Aral bought the Dimitrakopoulo brand from a greek family living in Istanbul and turned the vineyard and winery work into a "family job" that would last for generations.

Thirty years ago, the Bozcaada farmer Ispuri Kadani sells the field on which Aral farm is located nowadays. Our father Ilhan Aral, still working on livestock, vineyards and winery during those years, buys this field. From Grandfather to Grandson, our winery works develops and grows and our wines become nationally recognized brands like Ayla, Doruk, Dardanel, Dimitrakopoulo that still exist nowadays.

Some time later we also begun to spend more time on the island, and got in love with this farm, in which, although we couldn't see its beauty in the first sight because of the lack of maintenance, we held country parties with our friends and understood that it would be the place where we would feed and protect our past times souvenirs… but the time passing and the ideas we had in mind made us understand that it shouldn't be a place to be used to hide things for ourselves…

After spending a long time on the island we noticed that the farm was innocent and silent, but waiting for attention and efforts to be grown as a talented child… and it was worth it because of its natural wealth. The following morning, without loosing time, we got in action with the sun's first rays, we had a look from the hill behind this beautiful field of ours, from upside down, and we saw this two story, three rooms stone farm building smiling to us, comforting us in our dream. Beside, the two buildings used as barns, the cow barn and the straw barn would welcome our future guests, and on the other side, chicken cage, farmer house and bee hives were also telling us that they would be happy to welcome guests. We got excited as children then sat down and planned everything. We would develop our beautiful farm while protecting its natural state; and so we did; We made the landscaping without harming even one leaf of the hundred of existing trees, we restored the stone buildings identically to their original state and equiped them with contemporary technologies and comfort and opened our ten rooms to our first guests in July 1999, each room being different the one from the other, and decored them with special attention. Meanwhile, because we behave nicely to our garden, it behave generously to us, we harvest and serve to our guests the grapes from our vineyard, composed of Bozcaada's unique Çavuş, Vasilaki, Kuntra and new varieties that we planted year after year. The vegetables from our garden, tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, beans, melons and watermelons are always fresh, pears, figs, almonds, olives, pomegranate, plums, cherries, peaches and quinces growing each year and waiting to be picked and eaten by our guests.

Our guest can find a calm and cool place to rest in the hammocks tight in the small and cute forest of ours composed of pine trees. The big well located in the very center of the farm has always been providing cool water to maintain the garden green and alive. In a corner of this paradise garden, peacock, ducks and gooses, chicken and cocks, turkeys, goats, playing cats and joker dogs are welcoming you. Our small guests especially spend so good time with them…

This is how our sentimental story begun in the natural hearth of Bozcaada and grew through generations…

While developing our project with love we never forgot those words from our Grandfathers, that enlightened our path, and that we consider as a very important heritage "Embrass with love and respect the Nature that makes you live, feeds you whith what it gives to you, give it efforts and attention, it will give you even more in return, share what it gives with people, so that peace and happiness grows and never ends."

We are waiting for you to live the Nature, and grow peace and happiness by sharing it.

Aral Holiday Farm

Ahmet & Arzu Aral

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